Enrichment Teachers Broadening Horizons (2016-2020)


The purpose of the project is to make young people aware of important global issues in the course of their regular secondary education. To reach our goal we plan to prepare and implement guided debates on specific themes, listed in the previous chapter of this application. Our target group are young people, receiving their secondary education in Slovenian public schools (aged 15-19). By challenging them to think about different aspects of a certain cultural or social phenomenon and by allowing them to see it from a different perspective, we will be educating them on the matter. After all, it is not that an educated person knows more, it is that she is aware of what and how she knows. We find that extremely important and strongly believe that our approach will positively influence Slovenian society in the future. Students who are sitting in our classrooms today are bound to become decision makers on policies that cover topics mentioned in the previous chapter in the next 10-15 years, some of them maybe even at the EU level. With the project activities that we propose, we have a chance to open their horizons early on and make sure they have all the relevant information for their future endeavors.


We will implement these activities inside the network of 20 Enriched Foreign Language Schools, located in different regions of Slovenia. That way we can assure a good national distribution of the proposed actions.